It’s a great thing isn’t it?

Sometimes (for that you can read a lot of the time) I get myself into scenarios / scrapes / situations that I should’ve thought about a bit more before I actually said “yes”. Saying “yes” isn’t always a good thing you know. Maybe even if I just counted to 10 before I made a decision one way or the other that might remove the instantaneous “ooohhh goomph” feeling when reality finally hits you between the eyes. However that would be really boring and that isn’t where my head is at….

So the state of play is that I applied to the London Marathon last year via the ballot and got rejected. Sob sob etc. Anyway we sponsor the Outward Bound trust at work, and the nice people at the Outward Bound offered me a place as part of their team. This all happened on Friday. Yes last Friday. Three days ago. So needless to say I snapped it up. Duh. And then spent the rest of the day vacillating wildly between getting really quite excited and then wanting to smack my forehead whilst repeating my new mantra; “Such a daft idea…” You get the picture?

I’ve had a chest infection for the last month – since just before Christmas – which to be honest has absolutely knocked me for six. Made worse by the fact that I’ve given up smoking. Oh and on top of that I now have to quit boozing (or at the least limit it to *moderation*) ‘cos I am training to be an athlete (ha!) which will be a struggle to say the least. I am seriously going to have no life for the next 3 months!

My first proper run of the year was on Saturday – six miles around the highways and byways of Sawtry – and it wasn’t too bad. Despite the wind and rain. Oh how I love the British weather. Bang on an hour too. Anyway that all said and done I’ve got with the program and now have a 13 week training plan – which has produced another almighty “oohh goomph” moment.


I can hand on heart say that I don’t actually think that I’ve been this scared about the prospect of something…. well… ever. I’ve had to deal with things in my work, personal and social life that would get mere mortals quaking in their shoes. For the record: I am made of *stern* stuff. But this? This is going to have a major affect. I see some sleepless nights on the way…

In light of that I wanted to get it down on *paper* – share what is going on in my head. The idea is that this’ll reduce the number and severity of the freak outs. Well that’s the theory anyway.

This week I’ve got 21 miles to get under my belt. Tonight is a mere 4 miles…. Yay.

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