In between running, thinking about running, mapping new running routes and generally obsessing about running I’ve got a day job. On top of that I also do some other things too in what little spare time I have. One of the *other* things is I like to do is muck about and take photographs.

I’m no David Bailey, but it is something that makes me really quite happy. Every now and again I pull the proverbial bunny out of the hat and produce a corker too. Not that often though.

This year one of my friends (@Rob_Townsend) set up a group on Foobook. We get a theme each week and our challenge is to take a photograph based on our interpretation of the theme. Submit your master piece by Saturday, we all then vote and a winner is picked. Exciting stuff huh?

This week’s theme is ‘play’ and I’ve been struggling with it. I’ve not been feeling in the most ‘playful’ of moods due to some political style nonsense that’s been going on at work. Grizzle grizzle. However the situation has been resolved and I’m back in the game now and have been giving this some serious thought.

I was looking back through some photographs and realized that a lot of them seem to have the same viewpoint or horizon. Like most things, photography has elements that become habit. Habit limits creativity and therefore the level of personal enjoyment.

I thought it could be interesting to take some photographs in a totally different way. Get some perspective if you will. Explore something from a completely different angle. We all view our world at eye level unless we consciously choose another viewpoint.

Mmhh. Interesting.

This minor light bulb moment made me think about my current running obsession. A marathon is a bloody long way. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand. Intimidated even. I’ve questioned my sanity. As have others… On several occasions.

However the more I read, the more I talk to people and the more I train, the more tangible the sense of achievement that I know I will feel when I finish becomes. I’m really looking forward to that. Strangely its got me excited about running again.

Now to crack this week’s photography task…

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