Back to basics.

I’ve been continually tired for the last week or so. My back hurts. My calves ache. My blisters aren’t healing. On top of that my brain appears to have officially run out of puff. This, annoyingly, is also what my knees did at the weekend.

Last week wasn’t a great week – it wasn’t a bad week either – it was just a week – and it passed. Eventually. However I think that I *may* have over trained in an effort to get ahead of the game – I knew that this week would be a toughie due to some stuff going on at work.

I trotted off out on early Saturday AM (fourth day on the trot) for my usual monster weekend mileathon – 14 of the little blighters thank you very much – having faffed about in the flat as much as I possibly could. Delaying tactics were in full effect.

Minor note: I didn’t eat breakfast before I went out. Naively I convinced myself that as it was still early-ish (about half nine) that it’d be ok and I didn’t need to eat. I’d had a late dinner the night before and that was fine wasn’t it? Ermm not so much.

Well without beating around the bush it was horrible, and I was absolutely hating the whole experience by the time I got to Hyde Park. Context: Hyde Park is a mere two miles from my front door. I could hardly put one leg in front of the other…

A mile or so further in and I was pretty much (mentally, not literally) shouting at myself to stop, desist immediately and turn around and go home. Not good.

I’m a stubborn git on occasion. For that you can read most of the time. I don’t do giving in. Or stopping. Or not achieving what I set out to do. It’s simply not in my nature. I had my performance review last week and my boss told me that “I’m exceptionally delivery focused, so much so that I am akin to a dog with a bone on occasion.” I took it as a compliment. Cheers JP.

So there I am slogging it round Hyde Park and I’m now facing a quandary; do I carry on, simply MTFU and crack on or do I just take a towel, chuck it on the floor and then have a major stiff body tantrum about it all?

I did something novel. I did neither. I decided that actually 10 miles was ample. Randomly as soon as I’d made the decision I stopped stressing about it, my shoulders dropped and were no longer attached to my ear lobes and I felt a million times better.

Ten miles racked up and I’m back at my front door.

Lessons learned:
1. Eat. Your body needs fuel. No fuel means a crap running experience, which doesn’t exactly fill you with much love for running.
2. You can change your training plans on the fly. Not too often, but sometimes you need to listen to your body.
3. Get some rest. Exercising every day doesn’t do anyone any good. Whilst we would all like to think we are bionic – well we simply aint.

Today I’m having a rest – mentally, physically and emotionally. Tomorrow I’ll be back on it.

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