Balancing the books…

Some of you know that I write my blog as a bit of a cathartic brain dump.  (Nice picture I know…  Soz.)  Stuff goes on around me which most of the time makes me think way too much (and yes I mean even MORE than the average girl) and sometimes the only way for me to me to make sense of it all is to write about it.  So I’ll apologise for the fact this post is my brain connected to my fingers tips without much of a filter applied.

Need to set the scene first:  Years ago I worked with a girl called Michelle – we’d occasionally go out, have a few beers and set the world to rights. When she talked about each of the areas in her life she likened it to bank accounts. (She worked in Finance. Need I say more?)   Each of her bank accounts had a certain personal value to her; a few might have serious wedge in them – lots of zeroes at the end etc. – a few others would have respectable balances, and a few might be in the red.

For example, your career account might be going great guns, but your health account is overdrawn—you’re eating rubbish, drinking too much, not getting your eight hours and just generally being a fat drunken bum. Or perhaps you’re as fit as a butcher’s dog, but your love life account has gone into a flat spin as you’re not getting any quality time with your OH. Get it?

So the nirvana should be to get them all in the black – right? Realistically that’s never going to happen – what’s important is that they balance. To be overdrawn in all of them would be BAD karma.

When I wrote my plan thingummy last year I used the bank account analogy to try and work out what was important to me.  Strangely finances kept coming down the bottom of the list.  For some people money can buy fripperies, luxuries, and shiny things that gratify instantly.  (And like most other people I am a sucker for shiny things.)  However on the flip side money doesn’t buy you self-respect, peace of mind, good relationships, health, love and long term happiness. Therefore any argument that financial wealth is the be all and end all is a tad flawed no?

What I do believe is important, however, is personal wealth. From my experience people that have good relationships, their health, and make sure that they enjoy their lives are the ones that have a positive impact on those around them.  They make sure that they are happy, and by doing that it proactively influences the people around them – that way EVERYONE is happy. Tidy.

A curve ball entered stage left today.  The net result of this is that it’s reinforced the fact that life is precariously short and every bloody effort should be made to ensure that we are happy. Why waste it being unhappy? Friends, families, loved ones, careers, hobbies – all of the things that fill our days, weeks and months – well there should be one goal; these things should make us happy.

(Food porn makes me happy btw – in case you were wondering about the picture…)

And if you’re unhappy…?  Then acknowledge it.  Understand what is making you unhappy. And blooming change it.

One thought on “Balancing the books…

  1. Wow – what a lot of mental images to juggle! it’s Cirque du Soleil for blogging 🙂

    As with financial balances, it is the relative investments that matter not the absolute values in any one: diversify! Better to be a little overdrawn in all than massively out of whack in one.

    Thanks for sharing… good Friday reading 🙂

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