Falling in love again…

Today has been a GOOD day. I think I might be falling in love again. With running. Natch.

Twelve weeks ago today I ran The Virgin London Marathon. It feels like a lifetime ago already. After #vlm the plan had been to continue running and keep my hand in (as it were) doing some 10k races over the summer with a view to doing a decent time (1:50 ish) at Windsor half marathon at the end of September.  The plan has pretty much stayed the same, however the reality of it is that it’s not been much fun. Up until today I’ve not experienced the enjoyment / euphoria or just plain giddiness (in a good way) that I felt when I was training for #vlm.

Minor side note: I didn’t actually know I’d entered The Great British 10k, until I got a confirmation email a couple of weeks ago telling me that my pack was on its way. Goomph.  Spoke to my running buddy Kylie and she’d also received the same email, and was as clueless as me as to when we entered. Hey ho. We obviously did…  Even bigger goomph.

After my last 10k run I wasn’t actually looking forward to today. However I retained a sense of composure as I know that running with Kylie always helps allay my fears. She is very good at keeping me calm. Anyway she bailed on me last night as she was at a wedding and really wasn’t going to be in a fit state to run 10k. Pants. Big fat hairy pants.

Mini pep talk from Kylie last night and I left my humble abode this morning feeling quite perky about it all really. This was NOT going to be an issue.   Rocked up at Piccadilly Circus and was immediately struck by the masses of people… The last couple of 10k races I’ve done have been a maximum of 500 people. This morning was about 25,000 people. Excellent.

I knew one of the guys from work (Lex) would be there with someone he was training, and we’d done the whole “Might see you on Sunday” thing. Randomly I bumped into Lex (what are the chances of that exactly?) and his bird (Mon) and the dude he was training (Stevie). Anyway this lot were my saving grace this morning. They managed to distract me with their witty banter / repartee and general smutty asides which meant that I didn’t actually think about the run until I pressed the button on my Garmin as I went over the start line.

All in all the run was totally fine. Hot, but not stressy hot. No big moments of drama. Splits all consistent. Heart rate doing the right thing. Oh and I even managed to sprint the last 500m. And I mean SPRINT! All bleedin’ good in the hood. And the really important bit – I’d gone out with the target of under an hour… 59:21 for the record.

The net result of today is that I am back in love with running again. A friend commented that it “sounded like everything worked feet + head?” and the answer is a resounding yessirreeee bob to that one.  Everything is working in perfect harmony again. I love it when it all comes together. Planned or otherwise.

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