No holds barred.

During 2011 I’ve lived out my stream of conscious on Twitter. Not all of it. Just some of it. Well the majority of it tbh.

Sometimes this has been a good thing. Sometimes not so much. Offence has been taken. Apologies have been made for those bad times. Lessons have been learnt. Mostly by me.

Twitter has provided amusement, support and inspiration by the bucket load. Over and above that it’s been a source of new friends. The type of friends that provide excellent fodder for the brain, the heart and the soul.

I’ve learnt lots. About myself. And about others. What I will and won’t tolerate. What I bring to the party, what I am capable of and what I could actually aspire to be.

My dream to run The London Marathon was nailed in 2011, thanks largely to the support that I got from people that I met in the Twittersphere. My goal to climb Kilimanjaro will become a reality in a little over nine months. Once again its all thanks to Twitter.

I’ve helped others learn too. I’ve shared my thoughts, opinions and views when asked and have subsequently watched the metaphorical lightbulb flicker on. It’s made my heart soar to be able to be party to those moments.

Twitter truly allows me to be me without any pretence. It is what it is. A conversation, a rant or a bit of a babble. And this is my little homage to it and all the Twerps I’ve met along the way. I salute you each and every one of you. It’s been a pleasure, a privilege and definitely never a chore.

Merry flippin’ Christmas. <Feel free to insert the word Happy in place of Merry if you’re of *that* persuasion>

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