A bit of a to-do…

Every year as a kid I would decide that I was going to set myself some New Year’s Resolutions. You know the type – meet the man of my dreams, grow my hair down to my backside, develop long skinny legs and pneumatic boobs, lose 14lbs etc.

I desisted in my early twenties as I’d come to realise that this was a futile activity. It was an exercise in posturing – aka complete and utter bunkum – I did it because that’s what everyone else did. I never kept the darn things, largely because I knew I would never achieve them, so what was the flippin’ point? This is a view that hasn’t changed.

However in the latter parts of 2011 I decided that there are some things that I want to celebrate in 2012. I’m going to attain the dizzy heights of the big four-oh (eeeeekkkkkkk) this year so I wanted to make it memorable one. Really must start acting my age too.

These celebrations are for me – they are about creating memorable experiences – they are about challenges – they are about pushing me outside of my comfort zone – they are about being with my friends too. And not one of them requires me to grow my hair or develop skinny legs. Although I think I might have passed my window of opportunity with the long skinny legs thing.  Balls.

My to-do list for 2012 is simple:

  1. Climb Kilimanjaro with @4thechallenge
  2. Traverse the three peaks with @northernmum1 and @melhayes1
  3. Run Reading Marathon – any takers for that one?
  4. Run every day in January – also known as #janathon – check out janathon.com
  5. Step up for 2012 in 2012 – its km not miles – a merry little band including @rossrunslondon @cmmercer @millymollymandy and @chrismarritt got me on board for that one

There’s a couple of other things – largely involving my love life and being discerning where men (specifically the wrong / nightmare / lovable rogue types) are concerned – but that’s a whole other story.

My light bulb moment last year was Twitter. I’ve waffled on before about how Tweeps helped me during the three months I prepared for The Virgin London Marathon (thanks again btw), and I now know that hurtling like a hurtling thing into 2012 that I have the tenacity, attitude and support around me to completely nail the stuff that I set my mind on.

However I also know that when doubt creeps in or my confidence fecks orf for the afternoon that I have Tweeps around me who get it and who will gladly offer a few words to help get me back on the straight and narrow.

So first on the agenda is items 4 and 5.  Oh and for the record day 1 done – 3.46 miles in the rain… Sweet.

3 thoughts on “A bit of a to-do…

  1. Sweet indeed! I don’t do running but I will come over to watch you run the Reading Marathon, how’s that for starters?! BTW, Happy New Year and thanks for your company in 2011.xx

  2. I used to support Hubby whilst he ran marathons many moons ago so I’m sure I can still run around to various feeding posts, etc. should you need any support like that. My sister lives in Reading, which also is another distinct advantage for me! x

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