So I’m going to cheat – well as we’re friends lets call it bending the rules – during this whole Janathon thing. I mean I’m going to run. Natch. However I mean cheat as in I’m not going to write a totally new blog post EVERY night – I’m going to set up one post <this one – doh> for today and then as and when necessary I’m going to write new blog posts. Capische?

(Knowing me I’ll end up writing every day – that just feels like work right now – bleurgh…)

Only one major revelation today – eat AFTER you’ve run. I forgot to eat lunch today as I’ve been out and about doing *stuff* – and having been tantalised by @takeachallenge and pictures of his flippin’ uber post workout omlette – I subsequently decided to buy myself an omlette pan this afternoon and cook myself the mother of all omlettes.

For the record I can confirm that it was delicious <cheese, onion, garlic, celery, chilli and carrots>, however it would have repeated less had I waited till after I had done my run… Goomph.

Oh yeah and the run ce soir – 5.02 miles. Tidy.

This is my training log on Dailymile and I’ll work out how to add my Running Free training thingummy tomorrow. Promise.

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