Grumpy pants…

I’ve got my grumpy pants on today. Well and truly. Woe betide anyone thats gets in my way!

Like most of the rest of the UK population I got naff all sleep because of the storms that were blowing an absolute hoolie most of the night.

Wide awake at 2am. Lie there and start at the ceiling for an hour. Give up and get up at 3am. Potter and fuss about in the flat till about 9am. And yes before you ask I did consider running but decided that I would get blown away. Or just blown over. Neither would be a good look.

Anyway, I digress as normal. I’ve snoozed and napped a bit today. Felt better this afternoon, spotted some sun so popped my runners on. At which point it started to hail. Give up!

Today’s mileage finally got done at 9pm. I was crotchety and cross still – my eyeballs feel like someone’s take them out and rolled them around in the sand and popped them back. Not ideal but hey its done. 2.7miles in 26 minutes.

Now can I go to sleep please?

My training log on Dailymile but I havent worked out how to add my Running Free training thingummy. Soon. Honest.

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