Couple of things to set the scene:

    • I don’t have the greatest sense of direction on the planet
    • Map reading isn’t my forte – I think that I failed that badge when I was a girl guide
    • I dont tend to notice when I get lost… Until that is I’m really lost.


I had an action packed day – stuff to do, people to see, assignations to host etc. As I fancied a decent run – five miles ish – I shuffled off into the dark and cold early doors. I’ve not been living in my new hood for long – six months or so – and still dont know the area particularly well. I threw caution to the wind today and ran a new route. And guess what? I didn’t get lost. For the first time in ages. I didnt really have a scooby where I was at, but I just followed my nose and lo and behold I managed to get myself home in one piece.

What I noticed today was that I don’t get mentally side tracked when I’m running somewhere new. I’m so busy paying attention to where I am and generally having a jolly good nose around that I dont let the *little voices* get inside my head. You know the ones that tell you that your legs hurt, your lungs are on fire and you should really stop NOW!

So the net result from my run today; no mental side tracking, no little voices and I’m done – 5 miles in 50 minutes. Aces.

Here’s my training log on Dailymile  I still havent worked out how to add my Running Free training thingummy. I will do soon. Maybe.

4 thoughts on “Lost.

    • Sometimes getting lost is a good thing… Sometimes not so much. The trouble is youre not really in control. But that’s also a good thing too.

  1. Well done, my problem is estimating distances. I set out on what I think will be a 3.5-4 mile run and it turns out to be nearer 5 miles. Although I did run that little bit extra to make it up to 5 miles as I cuoldn’t leave it a 4.86 miles.

    • I can never suss out distances. Still not got it cracked in two years of running. But sometimes its quite heart warming (and makes you feel all smug too) when you work out that you’ve actually gone a lot further than you’d first realised… And well done on the five miles. Sterling work 🙂

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