The evil weed.

It’s a well-kept secret that I smoke. Used to years ago, went through all the pain of giving up and then stupidly started again a couple of years ago.

In the spirit of not making NY resolutions I decided that I wouldn’t make any kind of resolution to give up smoking. No sirree bob. Not me.

So I haven’t.  However it suddenly occurred to me this morning mid run that I haven’t actually had a cigarette this year. Flippin’ heck Tucker and all that.

This could be a good thing. Alternatively it could be a very bad thing because I know that I will need to take someone’s head off at the shoulders at some point. Although I will try hard to resist that little urge when it strikes.

In all the time I have smoked I’ve never really noticed a huge difference in my running – even when I ran #VLM last year – so it’ll be interesting to be a bit more conscious of it over the coming weeks, months etc.

In the meantime however it doesn’t appear to be having a major impact – 8 miles today – two four mile yomps to and from the office.  Bloody hard work in the wind this morning, but way way way easier tonight. Job done.

Here’s my training log on Dailymile  The  Running Free training thingummy? Well I still havent sorted that one.

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