Me and my grumpy pants…

Minor confession: I didnt blog last night. Bad Mel.

Truth be told I was in a rather cantankerous (UNDERSTATEMENT) mood for most of the day yesterday. No particular reason as to why, other than I was feeling a tad frustrated by things that werent exactly going my way. Usual work orientated stuff. You know?

I left the office last night – still feeling a tad ranty – and decided I’d take it slow and easy, but that I would see if there was enough in the tank to crank out some extra miles. However once I was out there and running it was a breeze. An absolute doddle in fact.

It always amazes / amuses me how exercise can have such an impact on your physical and mental energy levels, and as a by product on your ability to run.

The science bit: Exercise induces the release of chemicals called endorphins which generally lower your perception of pain and induce a good feeling in your body, similar to that of morphine. Aces.

Point of note: As a result of this many runners can get depressed when they stop regular exercise, and can become obsessive and set themselves a ‘run every day goal’ that may not be wise nor achievable. < #Janathon runners beware!

Anyway by the time I’d run myself out of my bijou stropette last night I had covered just over 7 miles door-to-door. Upon arrival home my endorphins blatantly did their thing – I had a minor blip of *duracell bunny* like behaviour (dancing around my kitchen listening to some rather manic D’n’B) and then subsequently flollopped (technical term) onto the sofa and did the bubblegum for the brain thing and read Grazia. Regardless of how pooped I was, I was much happier last night post run. Much much happier.

And today I’ve kept up the good work and I’ve run and done gym stuff too – sprints and all sorts. No doubt about it, I’m really rather good.

So next time you find yourself in a similar situation – i.e. you’ve got your grumpy pants on – get out there. Its the best thing for you. And everyone around you too!

Hereโ€™s my training log on Dailymile.

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