Being a bit of a doozer.

Anyone that knows me, either virtually or IRL, will know how fixated I am on all things running. I fell in love with running about 18 months ago. And have barely stopped since. I’ve said it countless times before, but the biggest battle when running is the one that goes on between your ears.  Running to me is the moment that I can totally clear my head, unravel the day-to-day shenanigans, muse a little, pontificate, plot and plan and generally get back to feeling like me.

In 2011 it was all about #vlm, numerous half marathons and just about every 5k or 10k race that I could get to. There’s a veritable raft of medals adorning my Buddha at home these days 🙂

I cranked it up a gear over the Christmas period and then got on board with Janathon (running every day in January – I missed 2 days – close but no cigar), struck deals with Ross, JJ, Chris and a few others about doing 2012 in 2012 (km not miles – I’m daft, but not that daft), signed up for Reading half marathon and it was all game on.

Despite getting assaulted running home late one night in February I didn’t lose focus – (I say assaulted, but I do I think he actually came off worse than I did) – I just changed my plan and was back out there the next day. This time with a big burly chaperone. Natch. I just cracked on with the job at hand as normal.

I think most people also know that I injured myself a while back. (February 19th at about midday on a treadmill in the gym to be precise).  I’ve not held back and I’ve been reasonably vocal about it. (Minor understatement. Apologies…) To start off with I totally ignored it. Typical runner. It’s just a niggle. I’ve had plenty so I’ll give it a day or so and I’ll be back on it.

Nearly six weeks on and I still can’t walk properly.  Every morning I get up thinking today I’ll be able to walk without having any dramas. And without it being excruciatingly painful. Nope. Still not happening. Since it happened I’ve had numerous physio sessions. I’ve seen a sports injury specialist. And I think I’m personally keeping Nurofen (other brands of painkiller are available btw) afloat at the moment.  Friday this week I’ve got a Doctor’s appointment day. The aim is to get referred for an MRI so I can at least have some idea as to how much damage I’ve actually done, and what the potential solution is. Oh and I also want to get my hands on some really GOOD painkillers too.

The overall effect of not running for this period of time is that I’m in a bit of a funk these days. I’m snappy, irritable, mardy and generally being a misery. I’m frustrated to the point of tears most days. If one more person calls me ‘hop-a-long’ I am not going to be held accountable for my actions. Over and above all of this comfort eating has hit the agenda. Big style. My skinny jeans are now tighties. This doesn’t please me in the slightest.

Plus I’m hugely worried / scared / nervous about the other stuff on my to-do list, namely the three peaks with the Lisa, Mel et all (and the boys too) in June, and then my big challenge (my 40th birthday present to me) which is climbing Kilimanjaro in August with Justin. They both sound ages off, but I know that they’ll be here before I know it.

All of this unnecessary emotion has come to fruition simply because I am cross with myself for not doing the sensible thing. So do me a favour please?  If you’re running and you get a niggle then don’t follow my lead.  I know far too many people that are training for #vlm, random half marathons around the UK and various other mad mileage / ultra type activities that are suffering in the course of their training. If your body is shouting at you then use your smarts:

  • Listen to your body;
  • Take it seriously;
  • Get it treated;
  • Allow your body time to recover.

I have always taken for granted the fact that I can run, however these days I realise just how naive I’ve been…Don’t be a doozer too.

One thought on “Being a bit of a doozer.

  1. You were doing so well too. Good advice.

    There’s always a another HM and although you’ll be out of action for a bit, maybe you could do some pool work to ease the frustration.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to find another challenge for your 40th if you’re not going to be ready.

    Good luck

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