My ex-boyfriend (God rest his soul etc.) had a delightful turn of phrase on occasion. These phrases were referred to as *Neil-isms* – his name was Neil if that requires an explanation – and they were invariably doled out in response to something that raised an (ironic) eyebrow / bemused / made him mutter etc.

A fine example –  when meeting someone for the first time (not naming names) who looked older than their years he was overhead muttering that they “Must’ve had a hard paper round. In Beiruit…” You get the gist?

Another such *Neil-ism* has remained ingrained in my brain. It came about when I was being a tad verbose / uppity / on the verge of hyperventilating about something work related – a bit of an “And… And… And…” moment – largely because I wasn’t getting the response I wanted. I got told in no uncertain terms to calm down, stop “bombarding people with irrelevancies” and focus on the facts.

Sheesh. Harsh words.

However he was right. Relevance and the facts got me where I wanted to be. I learnt an important lesson.

I met up with @dougshaw1 not so long ago. The subtext of our meeting was a marmalade handover (long story, but kudos goes to @projectlibero on his marmalade making skills) and I’d promised him a coffee in return. Anyways we had a bit of a chat about some random work related stuff. One of the topics that came up interested Doug – I was inducting the newbies into all things brand, communication, PR, AR and employee engagement orientated.  We agreed a swap of ideas as I’d also been interested in something Doug had talked about. Marmalade handover complete we both went on our merry way.

On the whole I’m a less is more kind of person. And the slides that I shared with Doug met those criteria. As did the messages contained therein too.  I know that a couple of my analogies about the importance of communication in a global business (Mushrooms do well in the dark – people don’t) hit home. And also raised a grin.

I had to present to a small group yesterday – elevator pitch type stuff with some more newbies – and once again I talked about the importance of communication. The one message I wanted them to take away was that the service a business provides to the ‘customer’ thrives, or falters, on the strength of their communications. (The customer can be employees too btw). To bring this message to life I shared the “bombarding people with irrelevancies” anecdote with them.

Major lightbulb moment occurred. Aces. Result.

Sometimes we all lose sight of that fact that simplicity is good. I know that I do on occasion. Making life complicated is easy.  Strip away the detritus, get down to the bare bones and all of a sudden life looks, and feels, less complex.

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