Sharp focus.

Sometimes we lose sight of what’s important. It’s that age old chestnut about “not being able to see the wood for the trees…”

I know that there are times (usually on days that end in a y) when I get so fixated on achieving that my *to-do* list turns into something akin a conveyor belt. Not a big surprise that most people that know me would say I’m *results orientated* eh? No sooner is one item crossed off than I’m onto the next one. And then the next. And then the next. You get the picture?

Back in 2010 (The year of the plan) I decided that one of my goals was to start riding horses again. We had horses when I was a kid and most things equine formed a huge part of my childhood. Basically if you couldn’t find me in the house, then you could pretty much guarantee I’d be up the garden, squirreled away in a stable, whiling the hours away just faffing about with one of the horses. As a kid who was bullied mercilessly at school this was my respite – I wasn’t judged, harangued or pressurised in any way. I could just be me.

I stopped riding when I moved out of home at about 17 years old. Something that left me bereft for a long time, and I’ve always chuntered on about taking up riding again.

That goal was set in stone when I wrote my plan. A plan that I’ve shared with a few people to make sure that they keep me true when I waiver. I got asked a question about this particular goal the other day. From one of the *few* naturally. The question was simple – what had I done about this?

Scratches head for a moment. “Ermm I’m not so sure… Ohh. Ahh. Arse. Ermm. Nothing…?”  In all reality I had done absolutely zero to address this in two years.

I’ve got so caught up in being ‘Miss Dynamic’ at work – and in my personal and social life too – that I haven’t taken any time to exist. To just be me.  Life is passing me by and I’m not doing the things that are important to me.  I need to stop wasting time and energy and focus on the things that matter.

Don’t get me wrong. Miss Dynamic is great.  She totally has her place. And for the record she kicks ass at work. But she doesnt need to be around all the time though. Every now and again we would do well to remember that life is not a box of chocolates. It’s a merry go-round.

Time off the merry go-round does you the world of good. Allows you time to refocus. Stops the dizzy feeling too.

3 thoughts on “Sharp focus.

  1. Personal ambitions. I have written mine as such. I prolly should. I thought I was facing a stumbling block yesterday. It’s not, it’s just life. So I’m going to refocus that personal ambition and make it happen. Because it’s mine.

    Cheers, Mel.

    • Sometimes it helps to just write stuff down. To put those internalised thoughts and ambitions onto paper makes them real for me. You’ve said them out loud as it were.

      This little *moment* has made me up the ante on one plan and given me bigger scope on another. I’m winning! Now I just need to make it become a reality…

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