Pulling the plug…

PlugYou know you have those days where you have a random chit chat with someone and it helps to unravel some stuff that’s been burbling around in the back of your brain?

Today was one of those days for me.

For a few weeks now I’ve been trying to get my head straight around some stuff. Lots of different stuff – job stuff, Mel stuff, friend stuff, people orientated stuff, running stuff, diet stuff, family stuff, career stuff – basically all manner of blinkin’ stuff.  Truth be told I’ve got a little caught up in my stuff. (That’s an understatement btw). Like most girls I am highly skilled in the art of over thinking.

Anyway today’s chat on top of my washing machine head initiated an urge to write…

Worrying about the future, regretting the past, obsessing over what could or should have been, criticising ourselves and others, blaming the world at large for our woes is the type of thinking that even the best of us can get lost in for hours, days or even years.

This kind of thinking is unproductive. But what’s even worse than that it is usually done at an unconscious level. It happens on autopilot. It’s a deeply ingrained habit. This thinking is going on with little or no awareness that it is actually going on.  Which when you think about it (!) is actually a scary thought.

Logic dictates that the first step in stopping the thinking thing is to make the unconscious thinking conscious. Right?

Indulge me for a moment. Let’s say a thought pops into your head:  “I sent Fred a text two hours ago and he still hasn’t replied.”

That thought could trigger an inner monologue: “I wonder what is wrong. He usually gets back to me straight away. Maybe he has had an accident. Maybe he is trapped under a boulder. Oh my gosh. What shall I do?!”

This is full-on thinking in action. Right? But how to stop the thinking…?

Simple. By choosing to stop.

If we are aware we will notice when we are thinking. And even more so when we are over thinking. Therefore we can choose when to stop.

The moment that we notice we are thinking, the thinking stops – automatically and without us doing anything. The simple act of noticing stops the thinking dead in its tracks.

It’s good to pull the plug on the thinking thing. It gives our brain a chance to catch its’ breath. Life seems a little calmer again. 

Thoughts happen by themselves, thinking is a choice. Your choice. 

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