C’est moi.

In January 2011 the nice people at The Outward Bound Trust offered me a gold bond place in The Virgin London Marathon.  I bit their hand off. According to some people (former friends of mine obvs) me running VLM was a very daft idea. Largely ‘cos I only had THREE MONTHS to get match fit. And some people thought it was a fabulous idea. I was in the latter group. Natch. Anyway, this blog came into play as a result of the random light bulb moments that occurred during my preparations.

Following on from a spectacular, well not too shabby time, (4 hours and 46 minutes) I decided to keep running. And writing.

Then in April 2014 I ran the London Marathon again. 4 hours and 56 minutes this time. Never ever again.

3 thoughts on “C’est moi.

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