Decisions, decisions…

I mentor someone. Poor child I know. We met up last week. Top news! She has been offered a job. Her first since leaving Uni. On paper it requires hard work and effort, but offers potential to be a good building block for her future. However she was dithering. She asked me how I would go about making a choice. I gave her my view. And then when I got home I thought about it some more. This is the email I sent her later that night…

Choice is a powerful weapon in your arsenal. From the moment you get up until the moment you go to bed your life is all about choices. Big or small, important or insignificant you make choices all the time. From what to wear, to whether to go to the gym to what to have for dinner, choice constitutes an integral part of your life.

Life is an amalgamation of the choices you make. Though conditions and circumstances outside of our control influence your life, what you do when faced with these situations is your choice. Where I am today is down to the choices I have made. Had I ended up in the wrong place then it would have been because I had made the wrong decisions. Simples.

To succeed at any cost, to never give up until you reach your goal, to persevere until you reach the end is your choice. To get up every time you fall, to push hard, to go that little bit further is your choice. Going for success even after failure is a choice, getting off your butt and working your arse off until you reach your target is your choice. Getting up in the morning and working out even when your duvet is holding you hostage is your choice. All of these are difficult choices, but once made, they make life easier. Not necessarily easy.

Many of the choices we make are small, but some are life changing and have far-reaching consequences. Whatever the choice is make sure that it is a conscious one. Do not live life on auto pilot opting for the routine and mundane, rather than the harder task of thinking through the possibilities and making the right choice.

Start small, and build your confidence. Even if you get it wrong, keep at it. Only by making mistakes will you learn what is right for you. Make sure that you listen to your heart; it knows what is good for you.

Choice precedes change. When you are not happy with your life, with the way things are, you need to make a choice, a decision to change. Only then will change happen.

Remember to choose wisely. But always remember its your choice.

Footnote. She accepted the job the next day. Aces.

4 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

    • Thank you Claire. I forget how the smallest of things can actually be something huge for someone else. Sometimes people just need a little prod in the right direction…

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