A word in your shell…

It’s day #9 of Janathon. Nearly double digits. Exciting. A few questions for you if I may:

►    Have you run out of mental and physical puff?

►    Is it getting harder to find the energy to get out and run?

►    Are you finding it hard to get going again after an off day?

I’ve done all of the above a couple of times already this month. And I know that it will most probably continue on when my heads not in the right space to get out there and kill off some miles. Or when I’m just generally feeling a bit pants. Or when I’m having a lazy arse day. Or when I’m just down right busy at work. Or when I’ve had a bad run the night before… You know all the usual *crap* excuses we come out with?

Its days like that where we have to dig deep. We know what we want to achieve. We can almost taste the elation that we know we’ll feel when we realise our goal. Yet in that moment when we’re faffing around, the end result pales into insignificance. It just doesn’t feel that important. Or achievable.

I was reminded this morning about something I read over the Christmas break. Basically it’s a letter a guy called Damon wrote to himself. This letter is to be delivered in 12 months, and it catalogues what he’s proud that he achieved in 2011, and it also really clearly puts down in writing what his hopes are for himself in 2012.

Now I’m as cynical as the next person. On the surface it’s a bit of a happy clappy thing to do and I wouldn’t normally extoll the virtues of something as wanky as this, however it’s actually quite a good thing to do – for your head, heart and soul.

I brush running off as something that comes easily to me, when in actual fact it doesn’t at all. I’m not really built for running (I’m built for reclining on a chaise lounge and being fed grapes by a tall rugby playing type) and it is an effort for me. To add insult to injury – once I am running – I have the most flippin’ awful arguments that go on inside my head. Someone once told me that the biggest challenge when running a marathon is dealing with what goes on between your ears. They were bloody right you know. The Virgin London Marathon in 2011 was one big argument with myself.

Sometimes what helps quiet the mental tussle is to reflect on everything that you’ve achieved thus far, and to really think about how you’re going to feel when you’ve completed your goal.  Mentally write that letter to yourself. Imagine how you’re going to feel after your last run in January – how you’re most probably going to run like a bit of a loon, with a huge grin on your face, you’re going to say hello to every other runner you see and you’re most probably going to run faster than you’ve done for a while. Or maybe that’s just me?

That thought helped me clock up a mere 2.4 miles tonight. And I know I will come back to it again when I need to.

Here’s my training log on Dailymile  We all know that I’m not going to do the Running Free training thingummy right? Good. Glad we’ve got that straight.

3 thoughts on “A word in your shell…

  1. Yes, yes and… yes. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Rudyard Kipling once said: “We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse.” When I process my many reasons for not going for a run, I realise I have no excuse, and off I go. Sometimes it take a bit of time, and telling myself off, but I get there in the end. Then I check out my runkeeper account, and see how much I’ve come on in the last 12 months, then wonder where I’ll be in another 12, and I feel better. Keep going Mel, you know it’s worth it 🙂

    • Thanks. Really appreciate the words. Trying to think up stuff to blog about is indeed troublesome, and has been a good distraction technique when I’m running. And I’ve no doubt will continue to trouble me during January too. Good luck with your Janathon. I’m sure you’ll storm it!

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